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Ottawa's Premier Destination for Golf-Specific Fitness Programs To Help You Take Control Of Your Body and Master Your Swing



Helping Ottawa golfers feel their best and play their best!

Press Performance Lab is dedicated to helping you - the golfer, understand: 

  • The body-swing connection,

  • Gain mastery of your swing mechanics through body awareness, and;

  • Empower you to play the game you love without fear of injury 

Lower your scores, hit longer drives and have fun on the course.

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The 6-week swing speed with proper exercise gave me more clubhead speed and also more core strength to be able to improve my golf game, gave me more distance with every club. I was able to be more stable through the golf swing. I highly recommend to anyone that is looking for improvement in their golf game to try this program
- SuperSpeed Program

A. Brunet, 66yrs old

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I improved my average clubhead speed from 85-95mph. I followed up with personal training sessions and improved my flexibility, leg & core strength, and gained a much deeper understanding of body mechanics in the golf swing

B. Cheng, 58 years old

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I've been training with Dan for almost 2 years and feel like a new person. Coach Dan doesn't just count reps but keeps me accountable in all aspects of my lifestyle.... Nutrition, mental awareness, work habits. He has empowered me to be my best self in all aspects of my life. He celebrates my accomplishments and is a support when I need it. Signing up with Dan was the best investment I have EVER made for myself.

A. Dicenso, 56 years old


"Who Needs to Lift Heavy?"


At Press Performance Lab, we believe in fitness through function and performance through the repetition and adaptation of complex movement.

When it comes to rotational athletic development, we subscribe to the belief that by moving quickly through complex multi-dimensional movement patterns, the body will be able to achieve the best results tailored to the sport you love.



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TPI Certified Golf Assessments

Our TPI certified coaches will take you through a series of movement assessments to better understand what is limiting your game and develop a plan to Protect, Correct and Develop you as a player. 

Understanding the body/swing connection is the first step in building a program that gets you playing the best golf of your life. 



Addressing Limitations

The TPI Assessment is designed to identify body-swing conditions that are inhibited by your body mechanics. 

Our highly specialized coaches will use that information and work with you to build a plan of action to get your body moving better and more efficiently through the swing.  


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Golfer or Not, We Have Your Fitness Needs Covered

Press Performance Lab delivers personalized programming designed to specifically help you reach your fitness goals.

Assessments will deliver a detailed plan of action with attainable benchmarks to keep you pushing forward and developing personal accountability for your health. 


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SuperSpeed Programs Available

Want more swing speed to hit the long bombs? Try our swing speed training programs to develop the clubhead speed you need to add 30-40 yards. 


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For the Time Conscious

Don't have time to rush to the gym, change, shower and get your work out in? No problem! 

Take advantage of our Online Coaching platform to get everything from pre-built training programs, to highly individualized 1-on-1 coaching right from the staff. 

We have you covered!

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K-Motion's K-Vest allows the coach to use 3D real-time data analytics to better assess your movements from address to impact. 

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